Sorry, bby. :c My thoughts are with you, be strong.

thank you. <3

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Tamie passed away today. I spent some time once I could see straight to put together some of my favorite pictures of her. She was nearly 15 and spent every year of her life pampered and loved. The pictures are in a vague chronological order, the first two being the earliest I have. 

she was sweet and loved to cuddle. i’m going to miss her so much. so, so much.

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looking at the pictures helps at least, RIP Tamie, my sweet girl, chihuahua, pet death, hopefully that last tag is enough for tumblr savior,

i look like absolute shit but oh well. this was the only way i could get tamie to relax. she kept yelping laying on a pillow. now she;s quiet. i have no idea if shes sleeping though. 

i’m playing park noises on my laptop too. dunno if that’s helping either but she always liked listening to birds so maybe it is.

funny earlier i couldn’t stop crying. right now i feel numb. ill probably start crying again soon. so long as i feel her breathing on me though I guess i’ll be ok for a while

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i have been wAITING SO LONG for mark’s playthrough of OFF and now I’m SO HAPPY HRGH

psst it’s transparent

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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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my dad’s putting together the new bunkbed for my sister who moved in a few weeks ago. my morning/afternoon has been full of vacuuming, thumping, and clanking. lots of clanking. 

and the hallway is full of cardboard, much to the delight of Rowdy, my mom’s hellbeast dog. he’s been trying to tear it up for hours.

every time i look in the room, my brother just looks super confused, although he seems happy to feel like he’s helping, whenever my dad has him hold a pole steady or something. 

I imagine when the whole thing is set up he’s going to be complaining about it for a very long time.. especially when my sister sleeps in there. he hasn’t had to share his room with someone since I was about 5 years old over twenty years ago…lol

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So, I finally got my first turnip spikes since getting ACNL back in march. o_o I’ve been setting my clock back every few hours to keep it on the day of the spike. Before letting anyone in I think I might run around and collect all my hybrids and store them with a spare character. I’m wary of douchebags. 

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Captain America, drawn in PS.

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fish shaming [x]

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Markiplier played OFF recently so i did a thing c:

( transparent btw c; )

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I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.


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