Nolan’s coming home tonight, finally, so as a surprise… I dyed my hair today! (Dear god does my hair have a lot of scraggly fly-aways!) 

My mom helped me bleach and dye it pretty much all evening. It wasn’t quite what I was going for, but meh, it looks pretty okay to me! We kind of didn’t get a lot of dye on the under layer of hair, but, oh well. We can always fix it up a little some other day; there’s lots of dye and such left over. 

I’m not 100% sure if he’s going to even be able to see it when he gets home (at 3 AM) but I guess we’ll see! 

I’m going to try and take a better picture tomorrow when there’s, y’know, natural light. 

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I'm a partial redhead now wwwhheeeewwwww,


<3 <3 <3 <3 :D 

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YES YES YES please send me pictures/sketches/whatever you have when you have them!!! I’m so excited for you :D

eeeeee, I’m excited too!! and I do have a sketch already! I’ll be sure to post it + the fabric I decide on when I get it! :D

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I’m so happy I could cry. (and am, a little.)

the dress maker I found on etsy is a-ok with my measurements and is willing to make my wedding dress.

I’m going to have the wedding dress of my dreams

oh my god.

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lol wut. Was the lady significantly older than the prof?

It’s an online class, so I have no way of knowing! Lady in question hasn’t done her intro post yet either, so no telling there. lol She’d have to be though, right? ‘Cause otherwise that’d be way too weird.

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Started playing Neptune’s Pride again because I love having something to obsessively check on that changes very little throughout the day.

I’m Purple in this picture. My three stars on the right I have just captured from Blue. I ignored that left star of Blue’s since it was deep in Orange territory, even though it would’ve been trivial to capture. I thought I was being a friendly neighbor. Orange doesn’t agree and attacked me today. I have enough in place to quell off his first wave, and probably a second too, but Orange is much MUCH bigger than me. Twice as big. This is going to be (not) fun. 

Also, in the top right corner that looks like Red there attacking me, but he isn’t. We’re allies and he’s giving me ships to use against Orange.

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neptune's pride, NP2, neptune's pride: Triton,

some lady just called our English prof “missy”

who does that.

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About 30 hours from now I’ll finally have my fiancé back!!

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My eyebrows, which I’ve never taken much notice of in my life before, Steven’s decided are the most amazing comic devices. Now in the scripts, as a stage direction, instead of saying, “The Doctor looks peeved” or “The Doctor looks annoyed,” they just write, “Eyebrows.” I’m supposed to do something with my eyebrows.

Was literally just sitting at my desk crying because I’d found yet another site that seemed to have just what I was looking for, only to have their biggest size be 10 inches too small. 

So I started pouring through Etsy in a sort of tear-induced rage and..found…this. 

Not going to get my hopes up or anything. I’m going to message the shop owner and ask if they’ve made bigger dresses before and if a more empire-like waist would be possible.

cause if that all works out…. I might’ve got very, very lucky just now.

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I'm hoping, really really hoping, and am very sniffling right now, feels beyond silly to be crying over dresses but I've probably cried over even lesser things so whatever,

- idly goes wedding dress shopping again because I hate myslf

- finds a new retro-themed site with plus size options 

- finds this:

- not the right color

- not in stock


Women just stop existing after a 46 waist don’t they. They have to. I’m really a mythical beast using the internet because I just don’t fucking exist to any god damn plus size store out there. 


something I love about the start to online classes: people’s responses to the introduction posts are some of the most insincere things I have ever read (including my own). 

like, “I look forward to your input in our future discussions!” “Can’t wait to learn and work with you!” 

you do not you liar.

more like “every post I read from you is agony” and “this is the minimum amount of words I have to spew at you this week”

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ugh, it’s monday. classes have started officially. I’m taking them all online which unfortunate means having to.. people. a lot. not something I excel at.

I did all my original posts early, as my classes all opened up nearly a week in advance. so now I just have responses to do, which is proving to be really hard. like, I have no idea what to say to people, especially not in a way that’s “meaningful”. 

I mean, I don’t actually have to do most of these posts until sunday but I just really want to get them done early so I don’t even have to think about classes again for another week. (well, I have to do 2 of them by friday, since my english class kind of force stagnates our discussions.) 

blargh. I just wish my online classes just posted lectures and required quizzes every week. that’d be so much better. (I’m probably the only one who thinks so, though.)

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i struggle between wanting to stay up late and wanting extra hours of sleep

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the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.

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