Trigger warning: trigger warnings








I will never, never, put a fucking trigger warning on anything. Ever.

Do you read the newspaper? Do you watch movies? Do you go on the internet, ever?

If you are so emotionally crippled that you can’t handle seeing or reading something icky, you need to be in a fucking hospital, under observation, until such time as the world isn’t too sad for you.

I saw, in person, at age 14, a homeless man lie down on some railroad tracks and get bisected by a couple tons of fast-moving steel.

My girlfriend, when I was 25, had an abortion that has pretty much ruined the rest of my life.

I have been sexually abused by family members and friends, beaten unto the point of hospitalization by my father, and witnessed a man set on fire by a flare gun fired into an automobile.

I am the product of domestic abuse. I have been shot at by muggers. I have witnessed stabbings.

If you can’t handle a spider, some blood, or a sad news story, get the fuck off the internet.

I mean this.

Go to therapy, if you can afford it.

Grow a fucking vagina and woman up. Horrible shit is de rigueur, kids. It’s almost 2012. You want to play ostrich you go ahead. I won’t help you do it, though.

For two years I couldn’t see an Asian baby without crying. Every locomotive whistle reminds me that life can occasionally be so shitty you’d rather die than live it. My dad calls me five or six times a month, because he’s my dad.

Shut the fuck up and live. Either that, or die. Those are your options. The world doesn’t owe you a nice soft pillow. You cannot, and shouldn’t, ask it to be nicer to you than to others.

Fuck your trigger warnings. The phrase “trigger warning” triggers enough resentment in me to necessitate one.

You are not special, and millions of other people make it through the day, the week, and their entire lives without coddling. Respect them enough to do the same, or up your fucking dosage.


This is the “Animals Talking in All Caps” guy. 

Well, it’s a good thing I went by my gut feeling and unfollowed that blog when I saw that rant against people having valid criticisms against the Occupy movement.

@OP Look, no one is denying you went through horrible shit.  But that doesn’t give you the right to trigger other people who are survivors of horrible shit as well.  Not wanting to see triggery shit such as abuse, violence, harassment, rape, etc. that takes them to a terrible place in their minds and has adverse physical effects on them does NOT negate people’s strength.  And ranting against trigger warnings and and calling people who are in favor of them “weak” doesn’t make you stronger, either.  It kind of makes you a fucking bully.

TWs for spiders are a bit much, but not all trigger warnings are ridic.

I stopped reading at “my girlfriend’s abortion ruined MY life”.

oh really now

^^Right? That’s what the fuck I said. Boo hoo, your girlfriend decided not to sacrifice her happiness and her lifestyle for your fucking feelings, but you wanna go on a rant about trigger warnings and how the people who need them should toughen the fuck up? Really? 

God, what’s with all the bullshit I’ve been seeing on tumblr lately…

Seriously. If you don’t give a shit enough about other people to throw trigger warnings on the few things that really need trigger warnings, and you use the fact that you freak out about… what… someone else’s abortion (the fuck?) to justify it, you need to grow the fuck up and get over yourself. I don’t care what you went through. Your “seeing Asain babies and crying” is not only irrelevant to trigger warnings, but it has nothing to do with the fact that some people read rape accounts and have horrible panic attacks and then don’t sleep for a week. 

One more brogressive on the internet. No one’s surprised. No one thinks your opinions are edgy. Everyone just thinks you’re another douchey brogressive who says the same bullshit every other internet asshole says.

DAMN it! I liked the animals talking in all caps blog. Ruined.

I had a feeling there was a giant asshole lurking there after the OWS post. Damn.