Now first off I’m going to be called “sexist”. No, no I’m not. 

I’d like to ask all the Andrea Dworkins to back out of this thread for my sanity. 

Recently we have had a poster make a thread on sexism. This poster is completely fucking retarded. Such cases as

Sexist jokes lead to sexism.
Sexist jokes lead to rape being “okay”. 

Bull. Shit. Nowhere in America will you be able to find a majority (5000+ people) that say rape is fine and good. Stop promoting these ideas. 

Sexist jokes don’t lead to sexism any more than any others. They may desensitize but overall that’s not a bad thing. People take jokes much too seriously. 

Onward with this thread, Feminism.

I hate feminism. I really do. I don’t hate the idea that men and women should be treated equally. I don’t. Men and women should have equal rights all across the board. However trying to force people to be nice to women and not make jokes at them? That’s completely inane. You’re honest to goodness trying to monitor and change what people say. 

With all of the feminists that are anti-porn and all men are potential rapists I have one question to ask. Why identify as a feminist? Really why? Feminism has done next to nothing for you in the past twenty years. I mean really, shouldn’t it be inherit that you don’t want to be treated worse? Are there any people out here that want to be treated worse because of something you have no control over? 

Furthermore what’s the point of identifying yourself as a feminist if you do nothing for your cause. If you say protesting works I’m going to punch you in your ovaries right now. 

Sexism is annoying and so are people who claim everything is sexist. Stop being idiots people, please sit down and think. 

I wish I was a more informed/better-at-debating feminist, so that I could tear this stupid shit apart. I know in my head what’s wrong with it - I see these exact same arguements ripped to shreds on my dashboard all the time - but I can’t ever seem to be able to form coherent rebuttals that can make any impact. 

What’s especially sad is that, on this particular forum, the responses are almost all exclusively women who agree with this. Apparently, all the feminists they’ve ever met are the men-hating-“womyn”-are-the-best-ever sort, that insult and degrade people that choose to have children or be a housewife. 

If that’s actually true, that makes me exceptionally depressed. I have a feeling, though, that these women posting actually know a whole hell of a lot of sensible, rational feminists, but they don’t broadcast it or are ignored whenever it is they do speak up. 

I can’t tell which is sadder.