Need to write about a poem for my English class.

I’m stuck choosing between two of them: “What Women Deserve” by Sonya Renee or “To Every Man Who Never Called Himself a Feminist” by Kendra Urdang. I waffle between leaning toward both for various reasons. Sometimes I prefer Sonya Renee’s, since a cursory google search tells me that there’s some dialog going on about her poem, which I can happily cite. And then I lean toward Kendra Urdang’s because of the sheer RAGE factor I feel when reading the comments on the youtube video of her poem. (Seriously, go take a look at it. It’s appalling!) I could probably make a pretty nice conclusion to a paper by more or less going “See?! This is why this sort of discussion is needed! Look at this crap!” … although perhaps it’ll be written in a more academic way. 

I’ve got a day or two to decide still, before I need to bang out the paper in a sleepless I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-I’m-doing fashion at 2 AM the day it’s due.