I’m sure I’ll lose some followers, but this has to be said.



I hate how every person in the world likes to say that “murderers are the only ones in the wrong when it comes to murder.”

I’m not saying they aren’t in the wrong, but let me ask you this. How many people who stay locked in their houses have you seen affected by murderers? How many times has a person who was already playing dead been murdered? I’m not saying they never have been, but the number of agoraphobic shut-ins who have been killed is much less than the number of people who were walking around and talking and stuff.

The statement “You’re asking for it if you go around walking and talking” isn’t that far off, either. You go walking through a parking lot, you may not be asking for murder, but you’re asking for attention whether it’s good or bad. Let me tell you how many times I’ve been murdered when I was in my house with all the doors locked. Absolutely zero. Did doing this hinder my good time? No.

Also, not living-person shaming. I’m just saying. This bothers me all the time. Especially when I see people flipping their shit about how “one reporter said this that or the other about a murder victims activity as if it had anything to do with their being murdered.” I’ve got news for you, people. What you’re doing has just about everything to do with how you come off to people. No one looks at me, watching TV in my bed with the blinds pulled shut and thinks “I bet she’s a living person who wants to get murdered.” No, no. That’d be you, yes you, the person walking around the grocery store or jogging down the street like an idiot, that they think that about.

You win the internet today.

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