Why is this difficult? The more you shame fat kids (and I was a fat kid, then an eating-disordered teen and now am a smallish fat adult) the less likely fat kids are to care about their health, play sports, go outside or develop the peer relationships that teach you to be a social being and contribute to both mental and physical health. When you shame fat kids, you make it much more likely that they’ll intensify harmful behaviors, whether it’s eating junk, cutting, having sex that they don’t want to have or other risky behavior.

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This.. was a definite truth for me. The shame and torment I encountered on a daily basis as a kid did nothing to motivate me to adopt healthier habits or exercise or do anything but sit at home, in the dark, and eat crap foods that made me feel better. Even at 21, nearly 22, years of age, I’m still not over the damage my peers and some adults did to me at that age. 

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