In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day. Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in town knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen?

Maine Republican chair suspects voter fraud because black people voted in his state.

He actually said this, and then some. Watch the whole thing.

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I’ve heard “None of my friends would ever vote for ________, so how did they win?”, but this is a new one.

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the election in two tweets



Quoth Romney, “I FEEL YOUR BAIN.”

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It’s Election Day! Please SHARE this image if you voted/ when you vote! You can go to to find find your polling place, see who is on your ballot, and more!

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Suggestions for future failure-based Fox News descriptions


  • College dropout Rush Limbaugh
  • Noted anti-government activist Glenn Beck
  • Half-term governor Sarah Palin
  • Insider trading suspect George W. Bush
  • Former businessman Mitt Romney
  • Failed presidential candidate John McCain
  • Former ballerina S. E. Cupp
  • Ex-reality TV host Ted Nugent
  • Sex tape creator Kelsey Grammer

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libertarians who say not voting is the same as casting a vote because “none of these options are good enough”

actually ANYONE who says that

are you so blinded by your own self-absorption that you don’t realize the rights of a LOT of people are genuinely at stake, here?

look, if this election were less polarized, I could give a shit less if you wanted to make a meaningless statement by not voting. but by not voting in THIS election, you’re saying to women, people of color, queer people, and everyone who isn’t rich that you care more about your own ideology than you do about the reality of those people losing their rights and living in a world that is much worse for them.

and you can just go fuck yourself.

(Emphasis mine)

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Sign your name to call on Speaker John Boehner to remove Rep. Todd Akin from the House Science and Technology Committee. 

Rep. Todd Akin: “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare… If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” 

The notion of “legitimate rape” is insulting. Someone who believes nonsense like this has no part overseeing science policy. 

Tell Speaker Boehner to immediately remove Rep. Akin from the House Science and Technology Committee.

Akin … Science Committee … Akin … Science … Akin … Science …


(Sign and signal boost please.)

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Walton Henry Butler, a 59-year-old white male, was arrested after he admitted shooting Everett Gant with a .22 rifle. Butler was charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement.

Gant, an African-American, is in stable condition at Bay Medical Center.

According to the arresting affidavit, an incident occurred earlier in the day when a Pamela Rogers came to Butler’s apartment in the Pine Ridge Apartment complex on Garrison Avenue in Port St. Joe with a child in tow. Butler immediately used a racial slur to refer to the child.

Investigators discovered that Butler had been making similar racial slurs to other children in the complex during recent days.

Rogers became upset and left Butler’s apartment and Gant went to Butler’s apartment to discuss the comments.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Butler shot Gant between the eyes and shut his sliding glass door, leaving Everett to bleed outside the door.

Butler called 911, finished cooking supper, sat down and began eating. Nugent arrived on the scene and contacted Butler by phone, at which time Butler told Nugent to come in, he was eating dinner and had put up the gun.

Nugent said Butler acted as if inconvenienced when put under arrest, saying he could not understand the problem as “he had only shot a ni**er.”

 Butler was in the Gulf County Jail after first appearance this morning.

This was 2012 people.


Not 1912.

Not 1812.

It happened this fucking year.

But go on ahead and tell me about how we live in a “post-racial society.”

Tell me all about how race doesn’t matter anymore.

Explain to me how electing this country’s first black president solved all our race issues.

Tell me about how the word “nigger” doesn’t mean “black person” anymore.

Explain all this shit to me like I’m a god damn toddler.

Please. I’m waiting…

I don’t even know what to say about this…

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Gratuitous picture of America.



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Anyone want to try to continue this amusing metaphor?

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[W]e shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November,” it states. “This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue.

Virginia GOP is calling for armed revolt if Obama is re-elected (PDF)

Remember what I was just saying about the GOP being detached from reality? 

Compare their reasons for an armed revolt with what the actual economic/government spending numbers from Obama’s administration I posted earlier.

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Can we just be like “THIS IS TREASON” and be done with them?

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Emailed to me by Sarah L. 

It’s sad because it’s true.

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I decided to write a letter to Congress today in regards to CISPA

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